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I am writing this review of GoHighLevel, marketing software for agencies. Designed specifically with agency owners in mind, GoHighLevel helps you manage and optimize your online marketing campaigns easily and effectively.

With features like robust campaign tracking, intuitive dashboards, and detailed reporting tools, GoHighLevel makes it simple to stay on top of your marketing efforts and ensure that they are achieving the desired results.

This software is everything you need to run a successful digital marketing agency.  You are getting enterprise software at an unbelievable price point.  In this GoHighLevel review, I will explain why GoHighLevel is the go-to software for a lot of digital marketing agencies and is the best marketing platform.  

What is Go High Level?

Go High Level is a marketing software platform designed for agency owners in mind. If you work with multiple small businesses this software is a must for you.  

Its powerful features make it easy to track, manage, and optimize your online marketing campaigns, helping you get the best results from your efforts. Whether you are an experienced marketer or just starting out this software should be your foundation.

Who is Go high level for?

Go High Level is designed for agency owners and marketers who want to effectively manage their digital marketing campaigns for their clients. If you have 3 or more clients I don’t know how you are not using this software.

Even if you are just starting out this software will make you look like a 5-star digital agency that has been in business for years.

This tool will also sell your potential clients and help you close deals I promise. GoHighLevel will make you stand out from the pack.  You can totally white label the tool so it looks like some proprietary software.  

This will make your solution look different from other businesses out in the market.  If you have small businesses as clients and you have 3 or more clients I don’t know how you are not using this tool.  It is simply the best thing currently on the market to use.  


gohighlevel home page

How do we use GoHighLevel for Our Clients?

At our marketing agency, we use Go High Level to help our clients manage and optimize their online marketing campaigns.

 With its powerful tracking and reporting tools, intuitive dashboards, and detailed optimization features, Go High Level gives us everything we need to succeed in the digital marketing world.

From startups to established businesses, our clients rely on us to help them achieve their marketing goals and GoHighLevel is an essential part of making that happen.

We use GoHighLevel to help provide businesses with the tools they are looking for.  Every business needs email marketing, SMS marketing, a website, call tracking, appointment, and booking software, tracking, and reputation marketing.  

With GoHighLevel we can provide that to customers all under one roof with one piece of software.  

If a small business went out and tried to buy all of this software on their own they would have to go to multiple software companies and learn multiple software platforms and it would probably end customing them upwards of  $1,000+ a month.

 With GoHighLevel we can offer small businesses everything they need with full packages starting as low as $297 a month and still be highly profitable.  It is a win-win for your small business customer and you.  

Go HighLevel Pricing

Pricing for Go High Level is tiered, depending on the features and functionality you need. The agency starter account starts at $97 a month.

This plan is for if you want to use the software for your own business.

The Agency unlimited account is $297 a month.  This has everything you need to start managing clients.

You will be able to have unlimited sub-accounts meaning if you want to add 500 clients to your account tomorrow it will still only cost you $297 a month.

This is why GoHighLevel is a game-changer compared to any other software company. Most software companies charges by how many accounts you have while GoHighLevel lets you have unlimited.

 It is truly a game-changer for your business and will help you keep costs down and become highly profitable.  For an additional $497 per month GoHighLevel with let you white label their mobile App and everything else.

 The software will be totally branded to your business.  This will set you apart from competitors in the market and you will truly have your own proprietary services that only your business can deliver.

 GoHighLevel also offers a 14-day trial that allows you to try out the platform before you commit to it.  

Also if you need more than 14 days to test out the platform just email customer support. GoHighLevel will usually grant your request.  


gohighlevel pricing

Here are the prices of GoHighLevel if you pay annually.


gohighlevel pricing

Go High Level Best Features

In this section, we will go over all of the GoHighLevel features. This is what sets this software apart from everyone else because it is truly a one-stop-shop for everything you need for your business and your customer businesses.

It is the one software platform to rule them all. You will start to wonder how can they offer all these tools for such a low price.  

These tools aren’t some watered software tools either. A lot of companies claim to be an all-in-one solution but they only have 1 or 2 software tools that are actually up to par and the rest are underdeveloped and missing features.

Then you usually have to go to another software company and pay for their service to get all the features you need for your business to be successful.

Keep in mind that you and your team need to learn a new piece of software and figure out how to integrate that software with the other software you are currently using.

With GoHighLevel each software tool can stand on its own and they work well just like some of the best software companies in the industry.

And if the GoHighLevel is missing some features the team is always willing to add them if enough people want the feature. Below are the features of GoHighLevel.  


gohighlevel features

1. Snapshots to automate your workflow

One of the best features offered by GoHighLevel is its powerful snapshots feature. A Snapshop is all the digital tools a business will need to get going packaged and ready to deploy for a particular business.  

For example, a Snapshot usually includes a website, a way to capture and track emails, request bookings and so much more.  GoHighLevel currently has 19 Snapshots that are already built-in 19 different verticals. Here are the current Snapshots from GoHighLevel:

  • Attorney
  • Auto Dealer
  • Chiropractor
  • Coaching
  • Crossfit
  • Day Spa
  • Dentist
  • Gym
  • Hair Salon
  • Home Services
  • Marketing Agency
  • Martial Arts
  • Medical Spa
  • Mortgage Loan
  • Pest Control
  • Real Estate
  • Restaurant
  • Solar
  • Yoga Studio


gohighlevel snapshots

These Snapshots are great because if you are just starting out using GoHighLevel you don’t have to start from scratch.  

For example, if you have a gym as a client you can use the ready-made snapshot.  GoHighLevel will give a website, examples of FB ads to you can use to run, and step-by-step instructions about the snapshot.  

The next best thing about snapshots is you can create your own.  If you are building out a system for a client or you are in a particular vertical you can create your own snapshots.

This is created because when you get a new client all you have to do is copy the snapshot add your new customer’s information and you are ready to go.  

This saves time and you won’t get sick when you get a new customer because you know onboarding will be simple and it will take minutes instead of hours and days.  

You can also sell your snapshots as well.  This is big business.  A lot of businesses sell their setups and you can make additional income from them.  

Here is a list of things you can copy from a SnapShot

  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Values
  • Triggers
  • Trigger Links
  • Surveys
  • Forms
  • SMS Templates
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Custom Communications
  • Campaigns
  • Pipelines
  • Calendars
  • Tags
  • Folders
  • Funnels
  • Membership products and offers
  • Workflows
  • Teams

Here is a list of items that are not copied when using a Snapshot.

  • Contacts do not transfer
  • Conversations do not transfer over.
  • Tracking codes you have set up on the backend of websites.
  • Integrations
  • Users
  • Reporting
  • Reputation
  • Custom value data
  • Any customization in the chat widget
  • Integrated domains
  • Company settings
  • Existing tasks or manual actions

This is important to know what does and does not transfer if you plan on selling your snapshot.  You can rest assured that no private data will be given to anyone that buys your snapshop.  

GOHighLevel has a 14 day free trial. Click the button right now.


2. Unlimited accounts

Another top feature of GoHighLevel is its unlimited subaccounts.  With GoHighLevel, you can create an unlimited number of accounts, which makes it perfect for agencies and large businesses with multiple teams and campaigns.

If you have your own agency this is great because it doesn’t matter how many clients or customers you have the software will always be the same price.  

If you have 10 clients this month and you get another 10 clients next month your price for GHL will stay the same.  


gohighlevel screenshots

And when GoHighLevel says unlimited they mean unlimited.  You can create as many landing pages, funnels, and marketing automations as you want for each client and your price will stay the same.  This is why GoHighLevel is so powerful.

GOHighLevel has a 14 day free trial. Click the button right now.

3. Email Marketing

In addition to its many other features, GoHighLevel also offers powerful email marketing services. With GoHighLevel’s intuitive platform, you can create and send beautiful emails that look great on any device.

GoHighLevel supports a variety of industry-standard templates and custom branding options, so you can create the exact type of emails your customers will love. go high level also offers detailed analytics for every email campaign you send, making it easy to pinpoint what works and what needs improvement.


gohighlevel email form

With GHL you can store all your email contacts.  Another great feature is you are not charged on how many emails you have.  

So if you have a big email list you only will be charged when you send an email.  Most email companies charge you monthly on how big your email list is no matter if you send one email or 100.

The email platform has all the features you come to expect from an email client.  You can segment your email and do broadcasts etc.  It is great and everything is trackable.

 You can see opens and clicks at the individual level.  You can see your customer’s journey so you know what is working and where the bottlenecks are in your customer funnel.  

GOHighLevel has a 14 day free trial. Click the button right now.

4. SMS Marketing

Along with email, GoHighLevel has another powerful feature which is text messaging. There is nothing more powerful than reaching your customers and potential customers with a text message.

One of the best features we like to implement for our customers is the Missed-Call Text Back feature. Say you have a service business. You are a plumber, roofer, electrician etc.

 You are one-man show and you don’t have someone taking calls for you all day.  

With the missed call text back feature when someone calls you and you can’t pick up it will send the potential customer a text message.  

You can politely say hey I am working right now but how can I help you or what do you need.  The client can respond via text and you can get all the vital information.

 Then when you have time you can text or call them back.  

This way you don’t lose the business.  This feature alone has saved small businesses countless jobs.  

There are a lot of ways you can use the text messaging feature but I wanted to highlight this feature.  

GOHighLevel has a 14 day free trial. Click the button right now.

5. Unlimited Sales Funnel pages

Looking for a powerful digital marketing platform that offers unlimited sales funnel pages? Look no further than GoHighLevel!

With GoHighLevel’s intuitive funnel builder, you can create and optimize an unlimited number of sales funnels to help convert more leads into customers.

gohighlevel funnel

GoHighLevel’s easy-to-use templates and custom branding options give you full control over the look and feel of your sales funnels, while GoHighLevel’s powerful analytics tools make it easy to track campaign performance and improve future efforts.

Here is an example of a landing page inside the funnel builder.


gohighlevel landing page example

GOHighLevel has a 14 day free trial. Click the button right now.

6. Website Builder

Looking for a powerful website builder that gives you full control over your site? Look no further than GoHighLevel!

With GoHighLevel’s intuitive platform, you can create and customize a beautiful website in just minutes.

GoHighLevel’s easy-to-use templates and drag-and-drop functionality make it simple to create the exact type of site that best represents your brand.

And go high level’s advanced customization options allow you to add custom elements and personalize your site as much or as little as you want. GoHighLevel website builder is so cool.  

You can see every page of your website on one page and you can easily go to each page and individually edit the page.  This would be tough to do with any other builder.  

gohighlevel website layout

GOHighLevel has a 14 day free trial. Click the button right now.

7. Call Tracking

GoHighLevel’s call tracking feature allows you to see exactly how many calls your campaigns are generating. And with

GoHighLevel’s advanced reporting, you can track which campaigns and landing pages are driving the most calls and optimize your efforts accordingly.

In the digital marketing space tracking is everything to a marketing company.

So having the ability to have your call tracking baked into the platform instead of using some third-party tracking solution and trying to piece together reports makes GHL a powerful CRM solution.

GOHighLevel has a 14 day free trial. Click the button right now.

8. Conversion Tracking

GoHighLevel’s conversion tracking feature allows you to see exactly how many conversions your campaigns are generating.

This is why GHL is so powerful because all your marketing tools are under one roof and they all talk to each other so this makes tracking your marketing funnel easy.

Again having all your tools working together is great.  Google Analytics plus GHL conversion tracking will tell a better story about what is working and what isn’t because you will be able to see the customer’s journey from start to finish.

You will be able to identify where they entered your marketing funnel, and how many conversations you had before they bought or didn’t buy.  

When you use multiple platforms and software tracking becomes harder to manage.  With GHL you won’t have that problem.  

GOHighLevel has a 14 day free trial. Click the button right now.

9. A/B Testing

GoHighLevel’s powerful A/B testing feature gives you the ability to test different versions of your marketing campaigns and see which ones perform best. With GoHighLevel’s advanced analytics, you can track results from each version and make improvements to future efforts based on your findings.

Hey we all know we should be A/B testing but let’s face it we don’t because its time consuming and hard to do.  

With GHL it is so easy to set up another page and run an A/B test.  

If you and your marketing team can’t decide what headline to use on a landing page run an A/B test and find out which one is the winner.  

Every campaign you run should have control and variation and with GHL it is very easy to do.  

When you have an all-in-one marketing solution like GHL A/B testing is simple to set up and easy to track.  


gohighlevel split testing

GOHighLevel has a 14 day free trial. Click the button right now.

10. Surveys & Forms

Looking for a powerful digital marketing platform that allows you to easily create and customize surveys and forms? Look no further than GoHighLevel! I hope you are finally wrapping your head around GHL.  It truly has everything you need.  There is no need to look anywhere else.  

GHL surveys and forms are easy to use.  With surveys, you can set up a survey with conditional logic and you can export survey answers to a Google Sheet if you like.  


gohighlevel surveys

With forms, you have everything you need to create a custom form. GHL also has GDPR compliance where your visitors can confirm their consent to receive information from you and your client’s businesses.  

As with surveys, you can send your form entries anywhere like a Google sheet.  


gohighlevel forms

GOHighLevel has a 14 day free trial. Click the button right now.

11. CRM & Pipeline Management

GoHighLevel’s CRM and pipeline management features give you everything you need to nurture your leads and close more deals. With GoHighLevel’s advanced contact management tools, you can keep track of your leads and customers in one convenient place.

And with GoHighLevel’s powerful sales pipeline tool, you can easily track your deals and manage your sales pipeline from start to finish.

Remember everything is connected.  You can see where the bottlenecks are in your process.  You can see where potential clients are getting stuck or if you need to improve certain processes.  

With GHL you will have so much visibility in your business.  


gohighlevel dashboard

GOHighLevel has a 14 day free trial. Click the button right now.

12. Payment Processing

GoHighLevel’s payment processing feature allows you to accept payments directly on your website. With GoHighLevel’s secure payment gateway, you can rest assured that your customers’ information is safe and secure.

Stripe is the preferred payment vendor on GoHighLevel and it is totally integrated.  

If you already have a stripe account all you have to do is add your email address with the LeadConnector app and your Stripe account will be connected.  

If you don’t have Stripe you can easily go over to their website and get an account set up in minutes.  


stripe lead connector

GOHighLevel has a 14 day free trial. Click the button right now.

13. White-Labeled App

​Looking for a powerful digital marketing platform that comes with its own app? Look no further than GoHighLevel!

To be honest I didn’t use the app at first but since I have been back traveling and away from my desk more I have been utilizing the app a lot more.  

The app is amazing you can really check on your business from your phone.  You can check appointments, opportunities, the conversion rate, and your pipeline all from your Apple or Android phone or tablet.

This is great because you don’t have to be stuck at your desk with your laptop.  You truly can run your business with your phone.  

If you upgrade to GHL white Lable Mobile App integration you can offer your clients and customers the app branded to your business.  

You want to talk about looking like a champ to your customers and clients.  This will help you stick out from the competition.  

Below is an example of a business that has upgraded and branded the GHL app to match its brand. The company is called Law Hustle.


law hustle

GOHighLevel has a 14 day free trial. Click the button right now.

14. Tracking & Analytics

GoHighLevel’s tracking and analytics tools give you the insights you need to optimize your digital marketing campaigns. With Go HighLevel’s real-time data and reporting features, you can easily track your website’s traffic, leads, conversions, and sales. And with GoHighLevel’s advanced analytics tools, you can segment your customers, identify trends, and discover new opportunities for growth.

I hate to say this again, but since everything is integrated on one platform you can see the full customer journey of your customers.  

You can see what landing pages they opted in to.  Did they send a message to support, or how many emails did they open and click on, etc.  

You can see everything they did before you made a sale.

GOHighLevel has a 14 day free trial. Click the button right now.

15. Courses

Are you freaking kidding me.  Yes, GoHighLevel has a membership platform where you can create your own online course.  

Once again GHL has it all.  And if you never built a course or membership no problem because GHL has 3 templates for you to follow.  

They break down 3 or their courses into a:

Sprint Course – to build a gateway to full memberships. This is like a mini-course.

Marathon Course – This is designed for a big course you would sell.

Membership – This is another way to deliver a full-size course.  

Build Your Own – You can also build your course totally from scratch if you like.

Yes, you can sell online courses with GoHighLevel.


gohighlevel memership

GOHighLevel has a 14 day free trial. Click the button right now.

16. Reputation Management

GoHighLevel has a reputation management system for you and all the businesses you serve.  Every business needs to market its reputation online and every business needs an automated review system that works behind the scenes that get reviews on autopilot.  

With GoHighLevel’s powerful reputation management tools, you can easily accomplish this. Whether you want to stay on top of your reviews on sites like Yelp, Google, and Facebook, or simply keep track of customer comments on your own website, GoHighLevel makes it easy to build, protect, and improve your online reputation at all times. ​

GOHighLevel has a 14 day free trial. Click the button right now.

17. Chat  

GoHighLevel has a chat widget that you can put on your website.  This once again will help close sales.  Just another amazing feature that GHL has.  

This feature would cost you at least 97 a month with other companies.  With GHL it is included.  

You can set up an intro message, or an avatar.  You can enable a little chat bubble on your site and change the color of your brand.  

The chat bubble can also welcome returning visitors with a  different message like welcome back if they are already filled out a form on your site or bought something.  


gohighlevel web chat

GOHighLevel has a 14 day free trial. Click the button right now.

18. Saas Mode

Ok, this should really be number 1 but I am saving this feature for people that made it down this far on the list.  If you are considering using GHL I highly suggest you use SaaS mode.  

If you’ve been in the agency space any time you know that clients don’t hang around that long maybe 6 to 7 months then they start asking questions.  

Your customer wants results.  With SaaS mode you can offer your customers something they need anyway.  Think of it as the digital marketing basics.  

Every Local Business needs:

  • Text Messaging
  • Web Chat Widget
  • Google Business Profile Chat
  • Facebook Messenger Chat
  • Reputation Marketing
  • Missed-Call Text-Back

So why don’t you just sell it to them?  And you can sell it to them for a crazy reasonable price.  I have seen these services being sold for anywhere from 97 to 297 a month on the low end.  

This is great for both your business and theirs. They get all the basic digital marketing stuff they need for a price they couldn’t get on the open market.  

The product is sticky so them canceling the service is almost impossible.  These services are very high margin and it’s an immediate win for your business.  

If you want a front-end offer that is low cost and really helps your clients and customers I highly recommend you check out SaaS mode.  


gohighlevel saas mode

GOHighLevel has a 14 day free trial. Click the button right now.

19. Yext Reselling  

If you are dealing with local businesses you know how important it is to have a local businesses Name Address and Phone number correct across all local business directories.

They call these citations.  Well, GoHighLevel has teamed up with Yext to get your citations cleaned up for the businesses you work with.  

Usually, if a business went to Yext this service would cost them 83 dollars a month per location.  But since you own GoHighLevel you can get the Yext service for 30 dollars a month, meaning you can charge your clients a price lower than what they could get from Yext and still turn a profit.  

And the Yext service is amazing once you pay for the service the small business name address and phone number will be the same across all the major local business directories.  

This is highly important for Local SEO and ranking your Google Business Profile.  With GoHighLevel you are looking like a champ again by offering this service to your customers.


yext listing feartures

GOHighLevel has a 14 day free trial. Click the button right now.

20. Market Place

I know what you are thinking this all sounds amazing but I just started my agency and I need help. Is there anyone that knows the platform in and out and that can help me?  

The answer is yes.  GoHighLevel has a marketplace of talented professionals that know the software inside and out.  If you need someone to build a website no problem.  SEO we got you covered.  Here is a list of services the marketplace offers.

  • Startup Agency Bundle
  • Advanced Account Setup
  • Basic Account Setup
  • SaaS Setup    
  • Advertising
  • Audits
  • Website/Funnel Build
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Management
  • Logo and Branding Kit
  • Copywriting
  • Listings Manager
  • Priority Support
  • Whitelabel Mobel
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Eliza Agent Platform
  • Resell Your Templates
  • Shop All Templates



GOHighLevel has a 14 day free trial. Click the button right now.

21. Idea Roadmap

Another amazing reason why I love GoHIghLevel is they listen to their customers.  They have an amazing roadmap.

If you want a feature added to the software all you have to do is ask.  Then if enough people want the feature it will be added to the roadmap with a timeline.  

This is all you could ask for in a company.  This software is never stagnant and is always moving forward.

This also helps with questions from customers as well.  You can actually give them a timeline of when a new feature will be implemented.  


gohighlevel Idea roadmap

GOHighLevel has a 14 day free trial. Click the button right now.

GoHighLevel Support

GoHighLevel offers a wide range of support options to help you succeed with your digital marketing campaigns. From detailed online documentation to email and live chat support, Go High Level has you covered.

I emailed chat support at 9 am on Sunday about logging into my account and they got back to me in 5 minutes and fixed the situation.

This is great I didn’t have to wait until Monday.  The GoHighLevel team is the best, they really go out of their way to help you succeed.

Who is behind Go High Level

The goal of GoHighLevel is to provide affordable marketing software for smaller businesses in need. They do this by cutting down on the cost and frustration from using multiple programs that often don’t work well together or simply get too complicated for someone without an experienced team behind them (like us!). 

As such, our solutions are designed specifically with your needs – whether you’re a solopreneur who can only handle one task at once; if it’s just getting leads through email campaigns while also trying social media management–we’ve got something suitable!

The Marketing Agency Landscape is Changing

The days when businesses could piece together the best marketing software from each company is over. Businesses want data and it is going to be hard to tie all those numbers together if you are using eight different tools. 

Smart marketing agencies that have already adopted GHL are seeing amazing results and they have simplified their business. Businesses Get better performance, client retention, and success because GHL provides a lot of marketing automation that most software companies cannot and especially at the price point GHL provides. 


There’s no doubt that GoHighLevel is one of the most powerful digital marketing platforms on the market today. With its robust suite of features and intuitive interface, GoHighLevel makes it simple to grow your business and increase your bottom line.

So why wait? Sign up for GoHighLevel today and start seeing better results from your digital marketing efforts!​

You can get a 14-day free trial right now to test our GoHighLevel.  

If you are struggling with your client retention this software will keep your clients and customers happy.  If you are an agency owner using multiple systems I highly suggest you give GHL a try.  

You will get an agency account where you manage your sales team clients and everything else under the sun.  You are in full control with a touch of a button.  

GHL will be the number one platform for agencies for the foreseeable future.  

Give GoHighLevel a try today.  

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